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At Haifa Dent we offer full dentistry, dental service with advice, treatment plan, affordable price.
Quality dental service for the whole family!
Haifa Dent is a modern dentistry that is affordable and takes care of your health!
Quality patient care with state-of-the-art technology.
We are able to handle all ages in a comfortable and relaxing environment.
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Haifa Dent dentistry services

Oral Hygienic Treatment,
Children's Dentistry,
General dentistry - Haifa Dent solves its dental health problems
Conservative dental treatments,
Root canal treatment - solutions to painful problems
Oral surgery,
Implantology, Teeth Implantation - Did you lose a tooth? This is no longer a problem, we replace it.
Orthodontics - Treatments not only for children or adolescents. Perfectly coordinated smile
Invisible orthodontics, Invisalign
Tooth whitening,
Aesthetic dentistry - Various dental aesthetic treatments at affordable prices, renewed smile
Emergency dental care,
Preventive dental treatment,
Periodontology - solution of gingivitis problems
Restorative dentistry,
Partial or complete prosthesis,

Oral hygiene treatments

Avoid discomfort and oral diseases,Haifa Dent contributes to your overall well-being!Properly makes you initiate at least 6 months of deposited tartar,the examination of sites difficult to access for cleaning,removal of exotic bacteria.Maintaining good dental hygiene is a health problem first and foremost.It is essential to keep teeth and gums in good health,this is how your dental office can help you!

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children's Dentistry

Prevention is the best treatment. We want the best for your children.We recommend that you be patient as long as your kid gets used to the dentist and the dental environment.In our clinic, our specialists can develop a good prevention and treatment plan designed to avoid damaging the teeth of children.Call us and get a date from your child's dentist!

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Conservative dental treatments

We are experts in restoring teeth. We restore the tooth to its original state.The tooth restoring to its original state seems completely natural.When the dental treatment is finished, no one can say,that your teeth will be damaged at any time.When it is broken, cracked or damaged, the tooth is infected,call us, find our service.

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root canal treatment

If you have pain or sensation at the teeth, consult your Haifa Dent dentist as soon as possible. Root treatment allows natural teeth to be preserved.  Since there is nothing better than your own, we recommend the most conservative solution.  When the tooth is sensitive, from the first moment it appears to be caries.  Without a regular dental check, we often do not notice anything,until the infection of the affected tooth reaches the toothache and does not cause much pain.Root management is a meticulous procedure that is trying to save the tooth.

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Oral surgery

Oral surgery is the soft tissue of the oral cavity, sensitivity, accident, fracture,  and the surgical intervention of the removal of the affected dental caries.  Oral surgery is a solution to the problems,  which can not be solved by conservative treatments.  Oral surgery is aesthetics and problems related to work are also solved.  Most common oral surgery, the affected tooth, wisdom tooth treatment or removal.

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If you have lost your teeth for some reason, you will experience the consequences. The implant is the most modern, most aesthetic and effective solution the tooth loss problem. Thanks to the implants, high-quality treatments are available that allow for quick and convenient restoration.

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The orthodontist corrects children and adults alike for the wrong position of the teeth  change. It allows functional bite and aesthetic smile.  Irregular dentures can be easily remedied! We invite you and your children to get to know a dentist  our office, orthodontics and treatment!

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Carousel is the most common dental problem.Contact our dentists to request a diagnostic test.You need some treatment,which is the best and aesthetic needs!

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Non-stop dental care!