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Treatments, oral surgery

children's Dentistry

Prevention is the best treatment. We want the best for your children.We recommend that you be patient as long as your kid gets used to the dentist and the dental environment.In our clinic, our specialists can develop a good prevention and treatment plan designed to avoid damaging the teeth of children.Call us and get a date from your child's dentist!

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Oral surgery

In general, oral surgery deals with the healing of lesions and diseases of the teeth, jaws and soft parts (salivary glands, gums, lips), but today there is a lot of overlap with other sectors of dentistry. Thus, oral surgery performs a number of interventions, such as the removal of teeth and root roots by simple and surgical procedures, root peaking, wrist dental removal, stomach injuries, accident injuries, cavity closure, oral cavity treatment, salivary glands, dental implants, dentures.

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