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The five most common dental problems
There are many problems with the teeth that may occur for a lifetime. The problem is different for each person. It may be nutritional habit, smoking, or genetic predisposition.
How to develop oral hygiene?
Visit the dentist regularly.

The five most common dental problem

Irregular and irregular shaped teeth

Irregular teeth make it necessary to perform an orthodontic operation.
This will improve the bad position of the teeth until it reaches the correct alignment.
There are several reasons for the occurrence of irregular teeth. There may be genetic predisposition,
poor development of teeth, bad habits experienced in childhood, such as fingers in the mouth, etc.

Tooth decay

Carousel is the most common dental problem and may occur at any age.
Usually the result of inadequate oral hygiene and food, carbohydrate-rich sugars, smoking, and periodic dentistry reviews.
They can affect all the teeth, gums and tooth root.
In general, conservative treatment is a good solution, but in severe cases it may be necessary to remove the affected tooth.

Periodontal disease

Dental disease, usually caused by poor dental hygiene and smoking.
Initial symptoms, inflammation and redness of the gum, and bleeding and pain.
In this case, gingivitis can still be reversed if the dentist's treatment is followed.
In severe progression, periodontitis can occur, which involves the retreatment of the gum and the loss of tissues supporting the teeth.
During parodontitis, damage is already affecting the retention tissues.
In addition to gingivitis, the formation of the sachets, the periodontal adhesion loss appears.
Urgent treatment is needed, the disease may become chronic and may even require surgery.
After healing the causal factors heals healing with permanent damage.
The dead canopy does not grow back.

Mouth Odor

Osteoarthritis, neglected oral hygiene and other dental diseases such as periodontitis, plaque-forming bacteria are caused.


Toothbrush usually caused by stress and sometimes genetic factors. A clear symptom is the grinding of the teeth, usually during sleep.

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