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Rendelő telefonszáma: +36 20 263 7262

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Dental phone number: +36 20 263 7262

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Do you want new tooth, dental treatment, specialty? Hafia Dent dentistry has a great price! We will prepare the diagnosis and help you get the best price! Come to us and get the offer from the dentist! The good relationship with our patients is fundamental to us! We create a family atmosphere and try to relieve the fear of those sitting in the chair.
We will always explain what will happen to the treatment! Our primary concern is to improve your well-being!
During treatment, we ask about this and if necessary correct it, we stop it.
Buddhists like the reliable dentists of Haifa Dent dentistry, the assistants who know the patient are doing their job calm and safe.
Treatment can not be said to be awesome, painful, or unpleasant. The doctors convey friendship and reliability. We treat dental problems efficiently and fairly!
Ask for dental advice and consultation from our dentists!
Our dental offices are committed to providing a pleasant, comfortable, stressful and painless treatment.
Yes, dental work can be pleasant moments!
In dental surgery in Haifa Dent, open all day long, there are infinite details, especially for you!
Relaxing dental solution locally for all problems!
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